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What is the difference between seasonal allergies and a cold?

Symptoms of seasonal allergies can be similar to that of the common cold - these include a runny or blocked nose, itching in the back of the throat or even a cough. However, the conditions have quite different causes.

Colds, as you will know, are caused by one of 100 types of viruses, whereas allergic rhinitis is an allergy to airborne particles around us such as house dust, animal fur, pollen (hayfever is a type of seasonal allergy).

As the root causes are different, we would treat the conditions with different remedies:

The common cold (and flu) is best treated using Echincaea which works by strengthening the body's immune system as well as having anti-viral properties.

Seasonal allergies (and hayfever) should be treated using an anti-allergy remedy such as Allergy Relief.

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