8 Reasons Why You Should Drink Carrot Juice

There are several ways to consume carrots. This versatile root vegetable provides a fantastic source of valuable nutrients, vitamins, and fiber.

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Cortney Good
Desiree Abecassis

01 October 2019

Carrot juice provides a fabulous way for you to enjoy the impressive health benefits this vegetable delivers. It can reduce the occurrence of oxidative damage, which we know can cause quite a bit of wear and tear on our bodies and trigger additional side effects throughout the body.
The regular consumption of carrot juice can present a wealth of advantages.
Here are the top 8 reasons I think carrot juice should be consumed on the daily.

1-Improves Eye Health

Carrot juice can help to improve your vision. Carrots provide an excellent source of vitamin A; A substance is known as beta-carotene to be precise, making it a potent ally in your quest for healthy eyes and sharp vision.
Vitamin A protects the mucous membranes and surface of our eyes (cornea) against bacteria and viruses that can lead to irritation, inflammation, or even infection.
Vitamin A deficiency can manifest itself in a variety of ways including dry eye, night blindness, corneal ulcers, and even vision loss.
The consumption of carrot juice can help to keep eye disorders at bay, drastically decreasing the risk for conditions such as cataracts, macular degeneration, or even the complete loss of vision. For additional eye support, our sharp vision  protects the eyes due to its antioxidant action and help to prevent macular degeneration. It can also help for tired eyes and for those who have impaired night vision.

2-Improves Organ Health

Carrot juice enables especially our hearts, lungs and kidneys to function at optimal levels (1).
Carrot juice can decrease your risk of heart disease and stroke. It has a natural way of reducing our stress levels and protects our vessels from certain forms of heart disease. It can help to lower cholesterol and improve fat absorption.
Another positive aspect of consuming carrot juice is for its effect on the liver. It helps to improve the function of the liver, thereby improving the overall process of the body's elimination of waste. This is essential for the removal of toxins from the body and for preventing the dreaded pangs of constipation.
In prevention, the Vitamin A content in carrots can reduce the risk of certain types of cancer including colon, prostate, and lung cancers.
Another positive side effect of drinking carrot juice is its beneficial effect on cognitive function. Due to its potent antioxidant content, it may help to improve memory and overall brain function (3).

3-Improvements in skin health

If skin acne is the bane of your existence, it will please you to know that carrot juice may help in reducing the appearance of unsightly blackheads on your skin. When we are deficient in the nutrients that carrot juice provides, it can cause us to develop acne due to the excess production of the keratin protein in our hair follicles.

4-Increases Immunity

Carrot juice can help to improve the body's immune system response and protect one from infections, viruses, and other infectious agents that may contribute to illness and disease.
As noted, the antioxidant properties within carrot juice notably vitamin A and vitamin C make it a potent ally in the quest to prevent cancer. It is strong enough to protect smokers who have a higher risk of developing cancer and other degenerative diseases (5).

5-For Healthy Pregnancy Support

Carrot juice can be incredibly beneficial for pregnant women. It's core vitamins –vitamin A and vitamin C are critical for fetal development. It contributes to the development process, including bones and cartilage. The antioxidant qualities of these two vitamins are another attractive feature for both mother and child as the consumption of carrot juice can prove to be an excellent defense against illness or infections.

6-Promotes Blood Sugar Balance

Researchers from Stanford University in California found that certain nutrients in carrot juice may lower the risk of Type 2 diabetes (4). However, because of the high amount of carbohydrate in carrot juice, people with diabete should consult their health practitioner first.

7-Carrot Juice for Weight Loss

If you are seeking a natural solution for weight loss, carrot juice should be a component of your weight loss regimen. Carrot juice helps to promote better digestion and elimination, which we know is critical for weight loss. In order to yield positive results, carrot juice can be consumed a few times per week in order to achieve a positive health outcome.

8-Carrot juice and gut health

Drinking carrot juice most importantly gives your digestive system a well-needed rest.
Carrot juice offers the wide variety of health benefits for your whole system: for your digestive tract, blood sugars levels, strengthening of vision, improvement of skin, and organ health.

In Closing

Carrot juice provides an impressive source of vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants that offers our body a wealth of health benefits. Keep in mind that adults aged 19 or older should aim to consume no more than 3,000 IUs or international units of vitamin A per day (2). It's best to consume this tasty beverage a few times per week for best results.


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