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I have the flu and I am bored... 8 anti-boredom tips if you have the flu


If you really have the flu, your day is filled with sleeping, hanging out on the sofa and a bit of eating and drinking. After a few days, when you start feeling better, you will probably want to be doing something. Therefore, here are some anti-boredom tips. Mind you: the most important thing is your rest. Also, take your time! If light and noise are still too unpleasant, go and watch TV or stay in bed with the curtains drawn.

Krista, your A.Vogel Flu Coach

Read a good book or browse through a bunch of magazines

You finally have time to do this! Snuggle under the blankets with a good book, a bunch of magazines and a cup of tea. You do not have the energy to read? Choose an audio-book that you can download.

Watch a series or a short documentary; avoid stimulating films

Too much light, noise and flashing is not so pleasant when you are sick. Your body needs to recover and all that excitement is just too much to handle. Choose a light series or a short documentary instead.

Pick up an old hobby

Knitting, crocheting, building model trains, writing, making puzzles, collecting stamps or drawing: pick up a calm activity you always liked.

Catch up on small chores

There are surely some small chores waiting for you, that you keep on postponing. Think of:

  • Updating your administration or sorting and organizing the mail
  • Looking for new recipes to cook
  • Rearranging your home decoration
  • Organizing your desk
  • Online shopping
  • Finally, look for a course, workshop or event that you would like to participate in

Create a playlist and listen to music

Do you have Spotify or another music service? Well then, create a playlist full of old favourites, newly discovered artists or bands and listen your time away.

Try browsing through old photo albums

Another thing you would otherwise not do: browse through old photo albums. It is actually a very nice thing to do! Just try it and you will see all those wonderful memories rise to the surface.

Take a very long bath

Fill up the bathtub, add a good amount of bubble bath, relaxing lavender oil or – if you are snuffling – eucalyptus oil. If possible, dim the lights, play peaceful music and...relax.

Go for a walk

If the sun is shining, go for a short walk. However, listen to your body and evaluate if it is possible to get a bit of fresh air. Keep it short; fifteen minutes is plenty. If you find it's too early to venture outside, just turn around and go home.

Watch the video about natural support with the flu and diminished resistance from the beautiful A.Vogel Garden.

What do you think?

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