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The origin & benefits of Bambu® Coffee Substitute


Bambu® Origin

As early as the 1920s, Alfred Vogel was aware that the continental passion for coffee was adversely affecting the health of many of those who enjoyed several cups of this coffee each day.

In an effort to develop a healthy but tasty substitute he experimented with various cereals and in the 1930s and 1940s various ’versions’ were created. It was in the1950s that he created the taste of Bambu® , which has stood the test of time. This unique substitute to coffee contains chicory, acorns, figs and other cereals organically grown in Europe.

Over 80 tons of Bambu® are sold world wide each year. The origin of the name remains a mystery.

Bambu® Coffee Substitute Benefits

  • Unlike regular coffee, Bambu® is non-additive.
  • Bambu® is caffeine-free.
  • Chicory, one of its ingredients, has a positive influence on the digestive process.
  • Can be enjoyed in the evening without risking sleeplessness.

Ideal for anyone who wants to reduce or eliminate their caffeine intake:

  • Pregnant or menopausal women
  • People suffering from a heart condition or upset stomach
  • People struggling with sleep disorders, and
  • Hot or cold, kids and adults can enjoy its delicious taste!

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