Tips for 5 annoying summer problems

Ah, summer... It’s pretty much everyone’s favourite season. After all, what better than endlessly sunny weather to lift your spirits after a long and dismal Canadian winter? Unfortunately, summer isn’t always fun in the sun: certain summer problems can spoil the party. I’m talking about things like sweating, swollen feet and diarrhea, to name just a few. But with a few helpful tips, you might just be able to make these problems go away so you can get on with enjoying your summer!

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Sonia Chartier

26 June 2018

The summer months are your chance to enjoy some nice weather by spending more time outside. Longer days and blue skies are like getting a few hours of vacation at the end of each day. But a few typically recurring summer ailments can put a frown on your face, even if they don’t ruin your summer outright. In this article, I’ll talk about some of the most annoying ones and offer a few tips on getting rid of them.

Swollen feet

When the sun shines, we’re often tempted to make like an onion and peel off the layers. We shed our pants and shoes to free our legs and feet of their cold-weather prisons and finally feel the warmth of the sun’s rays. But summer heat can also lead to swollen ankles and feet. So there you are in your light summer clothes when you look down and notice that your feet are twice their normal size!

Swollen feet are a very common problem that tends to occur when the mercury climbs. And if you’re like most people, you probably find it really uncomfortable and embarrassing. You might even be tempted to put your pants and closed shoes back on, even if that means being too hot and sweating like a pig. And of course, that doesn’t solve the problem at all.

Your feet swell up in response to heat: your blood vessels dilate to keep your body temperature stable. When your blood vessels dilate, they have trouble carrying blood back to the heart. Consequently water, the main component of blood, pools in your feet and makes them swell.

Tips for swollen feet
Looking for a good way to shrink your feet again? Put them up! If you can’t beat gravity, join it! Raising your feet gives gravity a helping hand (or more aptly, a helping foot), making your blood flow back toward your heart more easily. Feel like relaxing in an armchair for a few minutes? Do it! Just make sure your feet are higher than your heart! If you’re in bed, elevate your feet using a pillow or couch cushion.

Try to keep cool—being in the shade can make a big difference. Keep moving to stimulate blood flow. If you’re seated, wiggle your toes. Drink a lot of water and be careful what you eat: say goodbye to salt and other foods that cause you to retain water.


Perspiration is something we’re all familiar with. When things get hot, just about everyone sweats. But a little perspiration never hurt anyone. In fact, it’s one of the ways the body lowers its temperature when the heat is on.

Okay, so it’s not the most pleasant thing, especially when you feel sweat trickling down your back or don’t dare raise your hand because you’re afraid of showing everyone your dripping armpits. Of all summer-season problems, perspiration is considered by most people to be the most embarrassing one.

Tips on how to sweat less
While sweating is a perfectly normal and essential bodily function not worth getting embarrassed about, you might still appreciate a few tips to help keep your perspiration to reasonable levels.

  • First of all, it’s best to wear light, cool and breathable clothes. A few good examples are cotton, linen and silk, as they let your body breathe to keep you cool. Changing clothes regularly will help you steer clear of unpleasant odours. Loose-fitting clothes are also a better bet than tight, body-hugging outfits.
  • Wax or shave your armpits. Because armpit hairs retain moisture and bacteria, removing yours will keep you feeling drier longer.
  • Careful what you eat! Coffee and alcohol are big offenders as they increase your heart rate and make you sweat sooner. You should also eliminate spicy foods from your diet.
  • Sage can help too! The Menopause product from A.Vogel contains sage; a plant that is used in Herbal Medicine to reduce excess perspiration and sweating (hyperhidrosis); it works on the sweating reaction and not on hormones. It is therefore safe for women and men to use.


Diarrhea is a typical vacation-time problem. Local foods at your vacation destination can really put your intestines to the test! Rushing to the bathroom with the runs is not usually something we look forward to doing while on vacation. What’s more, when you have diarrhea, you’re more susceptible to getting dehydrated faster.

To avoid that, you need to be careful about what you eat. Avoid eating raw vegetables. Also, if you’re lucky enough to spend your vacation in a sunny destination, make sure your meat is well cooked. Whatever you do, don’t drink tap water, and if you’re the “liquid diet” type, beware of ice cubes!

If despite your best efforts you still suffer from diarrhea, your best bet is to eat fibre-rich foods, which will help firm up your stools and help your body hold on to water. At times like these, it’s actually a good idea to eat salt, which will also help your body retain water. Given that diarrhea puts your intestinal flora under a lot of strain, A.Vogel Molkosan might just be your best travel companion. This super-food promotes good intestinal bacteria and will help you recover.


While few things are as enjoyable as relaxing on a sun-drenched patio, make sure you don’t get a sunburn—ouch! A lobster-red face (except where your sunglasses go) isn’t exactly the best look for you, nor is a peeling nose!

To avoid getting a sunburn, you either need to slather on the sunscreen or barricade yourself indoors all summer long. Never go out in the sun without sunscreen and remember to reapply it regularly to maintain its protective effect.

Got a sunburn anyway? Use a refreshing after-sun lotion to moisturize your skin in depth.

Fever blisters

Bright sunlight is a main factor behind the appearance of fever blisters, which can be activated by UV rays. Fever blisters don’t go well with a nice summer tan, so do what you can to avoid them. But how?

First, avoid exposing your face to intense sun rays: wear a baseball cap, stay in the shade... you know the drill. You can also use lip balm with a high SPF factor.

And what if you get fever blisters despite your best efforts? A.Vogel Echinacea cream will help you get rid of them.

Hay fever

Sometimes seasonal allergies get in the way of your summer fun. Sneezing, runny nose, congestion and red, itchy and tearing eyes are hay fever symptoms you’re likely familiar with. You obviously don’t want that! And why should you? But it’s not as though they’re inevitable. In fact, hay fever symptoms can easily be relieved or even prevented if you act fast!

You can fight hay fever symptoms with A.Vogel Allergy Relief in tablet or nasal spray format. This 100% natural remedy quickly relieves an itchy, runny nose, itchy eyes and more. Once you know what plant you’re allergic to, it’s easy to check the allergen calendar and start taking A.Vogel Allergy Relief a few weeks ahead of time to prevent symptoms from arising in the first place.

Thanks to these simple tips, you’ll hopefully make it through the summer outside (and not in the bathroom) with light feet, dry underarms, a healthy glow, a beaming smile and clear nasal passages. Have a great vacation!

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