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Protecting your skin is important

Our skin is our first line of defence against environmental factors. It is an important yet fragile organ. Skin may be able to naturally heal itself, but sometimes it needs a little help.


Knowing your skin type is important; it helps you make the right choices. You better understand which cream will work for you. A.Vogel herbal creams are preservative- and paraben-free, and are perfect for protecting and nourishing your delicate skin.

Our beauty products are made with loving care and the greatest respect for nature. They are 100% vegetarian, contain active ingredients from fresh plants, and are never tested on animals.

Sensitive skin

Characteristics: Sensitive, vulnerable skin with a fine texture

Nature to the rescue! A.Vogel Echinacea Cream enhances your skin’s natural healing properties. With its high concentration of Echinacea purpurea, it nourishes and hydrates while providing extra protection for sensitive skin.

Sensitive skin often reacts to cosmetics and environmental factors. A.Vogel Echinacea Cream soothes and softens skin vulnerable to redness and irritation.

This herbal cream can be used for daily hydration, even under makeup. It can also be used to soften dry lips. A.Vogel Echinacea Cream is a perfect fit for your daily beauty regimen.

Dry skin

Characteristics: Tight, dry, sallow, tired skin

Nature to the rescue! A.Vogel Symphytum Cream contains comfrey, a plant known for its healing properties which can help skin regain its youthful glow.

This herbal cream protects and hydrates the skin, and helps it regenerate. Use A.Vogel Symphytum Cream day and night to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. This anti-fatigue cream will give your skin an extra boost, and make sallow and tired skin a thing of the past.


Irritated, chapped skin

Characteristics: Irritated skin with dry, chapped patches and/or localized redness; may be sensitive to touch

Nature to the rescue! A.Vogel Bioforce Cream is nutrient-rich, with a variety of beneficial plants such as arnica, marigold, witch hazel, sage and chamomile. St. John's wort oil, sunflower oil and marigold work together to nourish the skin and help repair cracks and chapping. The lubrication promotes healing and soothes irritated skin while helping it stay supple.

This herbal cream is perfect for cuticles, chapped lips, and cracked, dry and rough skin. It also soothes itching caused by skin dryness resulting from shaving, etc.

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