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A.Vogel Deep Sleep

Clinically proven for sleep problems


A recent clinical trial investigating the effects of Deep Sleep supports the traditional and long-standing use of the herbal product.

Clinical Trial Results

In this clinical trial, 44 patients experiencing difficulty initiating or maintaining sleep, took part in an attempt to overcome their insomnia. Their sleeping troubles were not due to other obvious issues such as back pain or depression, and they were otherwise healthy and had no physical or neurological problems. 

The patients spent one acclimatisation night in a sleep laboratory, where their sleep pattern was monitored. They were then divided into two randomly assigned groups, one of which was given Deep Sleep, and the other a placebo that tasted the same. 

Neither the patients nor their physicians knew whether they had been given the real herb or placebo. 

Their second night’s sleep was then monitored by the sleep laboratory staff, to see not just how long they spent asleep but also how deep their sleep was.

The patients who took Deep Sleep had much better sleep cycles than the placebo group, with far longer spent at a deeper level of sleep and an improvement of sleeping time by an additional 38 minutes. 

This trial shows that not only does Deep Sleep work well to get you to sleep, but it also restores restful, replenishing sleep by improving your sleep cycles and the amount of time you spend deeply asleep.

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