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Is it a cold or allergies?

Symptoms of allergic rhinitis can be similar to that of the common cold - these include a runny or blocked nose, itching in the back of the throat or even a cough.


However, the conditions have quite different causes. Colds, as you will know, are caused by one of 100 types of viruses, whereas allergic rhinitis is an allergy to airborne particles around us such as house dust, animal fur, pollen (hayfever is a type of allergic rhinitis).

Have a look below to know more about it and get to the right product for your symptom.


Allergies  Symptom Solution
Cough   Bronchosan
Santasapina Syrup - soothing cough syrup
Feeling tired Avenaforce
Watery eyes   Allergy Relief
Sore Throat     Echinaforce
Sore Throat Spray
Sneezing If is an allergic rhinitis: Allergy Relief
Runny nose Echinaforce
Allergy Relief
Nasal congestion If is an allergic rhinitis: Allergy Relief Spray
If it is a cold: Sinna Spray
Itchy nose and/or eyes   Allergy Relief Spray
Allergy Relief
Chills   Echinaforce Extra Hot Drink
Light fever   Body temperature rising is a normal process to counteract an infection.  The main reason to reduce fever is to relieve the associated discomforts.

Drink a lot of water and rest.
Throat tingling Echinaforce
Sore Throat Spray
Light headache   Topical application: Peppermint essential oil
White Willow
Sudden onset of symptoms   Allergy Relief


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