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Allergy Tips

An allergic reaction can take place when the immune system is exposed to a pathogen to which it is intolerant


The body may respond by developing skin rashes, mucus, nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, or running and itching of the eyes and nose. These symptoms indicate that the immune system is trying to “flush” the dangerous intruder from the body as quickly as possible.

This page provides tips on allergies. There is also a Q&A service which gives you the opportunity to ask any further questions.

Allergy tips

1. As much as possible, avoid the following foods

They might overload the body with mucus, thus increasing allergic symptoms:

  • butter or cream sauces foods fried in oil/ margarine
  • monosodium glutamate (MSG) and food colourings
  • cold cuts
  • bananas
  • nuts (cashews, brazil nut, pecan, peanuts, etc.)
  • refined sugars
  • dairy products (cow or goat);
  • alcoholic beverages

2. Pay attention to digestion

We’re less likely to react to foods we’ve digested properly. Chew, relax, and don’t eat on the run.

3. A general internal cleansing treatment

Such as A.Vogel Detox in order to avoid overloading the body with mucus.

4. Reduce stress on the body

By avoiding junk food and too much coffee or caffeinated drinks.

5. Stop smoking

6. Get enough sleep and exercise

This re-energizes immune system.

7 Tips for surviving the allergy season!

Click below to download the infographic (PDF) and look what you can do to survive this allergy season with our tips!

Infographic - allergies

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