Make Menopause your Friend

In very severe cases, some women can experience up to 57 hot flashes every day! That’s one every 25 minutes day and night. You’re hot and uncomfortable, drenched in sweat most of the time. Going out is unthinkable!


Sonia Chartier

30 April 2018

Do your hair in the morning and you end up with a limper, flatter style within two hours. Your make-up makes its way in little rivers down to your chin. Your sleeping pattern is affected by constant trips to the bathroom and repeated bedding changes.

And intimacy? Who would be interested when feeling like that? It’s not surprising that women run to the doctor, pleading for help for anything to take away their discomfort.

Why does this happen?

Menopause is a transformation that every woman between the ages of approximately 48 and 66 will experience. It is a 100% natural process. It is not a disease and there’s nothing wrong with it – or with you. Just as girls go through puberty in early adolescence, women go through menopause at the other end of their reproductive years.

For how long will this continue, and do all women experience these symptoms?

It can last for 3 to 8 years and no, you won’t suffer continuously with these symptoms during this period. Even though 64% of women do declare one or more severe symptoms, some sail through it effortlessly.

Hot flashes and other symptoms

During the menopausal transition, the ovaries produce lower levels of natural sex hormones. Among other things, this alteration has a ripple effect on the part of the brain where the body’s temperature is regulated. This area of the brain is misled into believing that the body is overheating, which leads to hot flashes, night sweats and even palpitations. Women can also become moody, tearful, anxious and may experience fits of anger inexplicable to them and the people around them. You can feel like a different person. It’s as if one symptom creates or worsens another.

Lifestyle changes

In Alfred Vogel’s book, The Nature Doctor, he emphasizes that women in their menopausal years should take special care in looking after themselves. Eat healthy natural foods, breathe deeply, drink lots of water and spend time outside every day.

Exercise regularly and make time to do the things you enjoy like painting, listening to music, reading, dancing, gardening, spending time with people who make you laugh… do something just for you. It is generally acknowledged that women who feel “down” and emotionally out of balance experience menopausal symptoms more intensely than women who are relaxed and happy.

Avoid coffee, tea, alcohol, cigarettes and spicy food as they also tend to exacerbate the symptoms. We all know that medical science has temporary solutions for these symptoms, but what can nature offer, and does it really work?

Sage has been put to the test

A.Vogel Menopause tablets is a product manufactured from the sage plant. This fresh plant extract was tested on women suffering from hot flashes (mean age 56 years). Eight private medical doctors performed the study, initially asking the women specific questions (using the Menopause Rating Scale) to establish the severity of their symptoms and the state of their general health.

None of the women were taking any other natural product for menopause and none used hormone replacement therapy (HRT). When the study started, the women were six months into menopause and experienced an average of five hot flashes per day. They were divided into four groups; light, moderate, severe and very severe hot flashes and were prescribed one Menopause tablet daily for 8 weeks. The results speak for themselves.

The results

Two weeks after the women started taking the Menopause tablets their daily occurrence of hot flashes had decreased by 30%. After 4 weeks the rate had decreased by 50%, and after 8 weeks by almost 64%.

There was also a reduction in severity.

  • Light hot flashes decreased by 46%,
  • Moderate ones by 62%,
  • Severe ones by 79% and
  • Very severe ones have completely gone!

In other words, the intensity of all the hot flashes had decreased!

This was accompanied by a reduction in the severity of other menopausal symptoms. Some of the women continued the treatment for ten weeks, during which they experienced a continuous improvement.

It is evident that, unlike pharmaceutical medication, Menopause is not an immediate cure for hot flashes, but leads to gradual improvement naturally. There are no side-effects and you don’t prevent the natural transformation of your body.

One of our colleagues at A.Vogel was suffering intensely from night sweats and hot flashes. Sleeping had become a huge problem because she constantly had to get up, dry herself, change into fresh clothes and change her bedding. She told me that she had slept through the night for the first time in months. Menopause had become her best friend!

How does Menopause work and is it safe?

Sage is a herb recommended for the control of excessive moisture in the body. Scientists suspect that it also has a positive effect on the temperature regulator in the brain. Therefore men can also use it to treat excessive sweating.

The product’s big bonus lies in its beneficial effect on all other symptoms measured by the Menopause Rating Scale.

From palpitations to joint discomfort, from depression to physical and mental weariness, even sexual and bladder problems – all reduced over time, improving between 41% and 69% after 10 weeks’ use.

A few years will pass before I have to deal with the menopausal transformation, but when it comes I know that I’ll be able to rely on nature’s ability to assist me. Growing older and wiser, both healthily and naturally, is a blessing.

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