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Supplements and remedies for Arthritis



Fish that are rich in Omega 3 essential fatty acids have an anti-inflammatory action on the joints. Perfect choice for your plate, but as a supplement, plant sourced Omega 3’s is a better option. Indeed, heavy metals present in fish are concentrated in the oil, which must therefore undergo decontamination processes.  These processes can affect the digestion and assimilation of the essential fatty acids.  A.Vogel VegOmega 3 offers an excellent vegan alternative.  Even in small doses it helps to reduce inflammation. Avoid Omega 6 supplements (ex. Evening primrose oil, borage oil and most vegetable oils except flax seed oil, hemp seed oil and olive oil) since they favour the production of pro-inflammatory hormones in the body, which can increase the level of pain.


Glucosamine is highly recommended when there is damage to the cartilage, since our body uses it to build ligaments and cartilage.  It can take about 3 months to get a fair improvement.  It works better when combined to a strong anti-inflammatory such as devil’s claw or arnica.  The easiest glucosamine to assimilate is HCl and not glucosamine sulphate.  The latter may contain salt (sodium), which is not recommended for people with high blood pressure. 

Stinging Nettle

Stinging Nettle is a cleansing plant.  It is a blood tonic that brings nutriments to the cells while eliminating toxins.  It is especially effective when there is a tendency for acid accumulation like in most cases of arthritis and osteoarthritis.  Since it eliminates uric acids, it is also very helpful for gout.  Stinging Nettle contains a lot of silica, a mineral that is very useful in the regeneration of conjunctive tissues.  It then helps with damage to the ligaments, tendons and cartilage.  It can be used long term.

Calcium Absorber

Calcium Absorber (Urticalcin) promotes the assimilation of calcium and silica from supplements and foods.  It is highly recommended for those who tend to have calcium deposits in the joints since it helps reverse the process.  Calcium Absorber allows a redistribution of calcium where it is needed.

Devil's Claw

A.Vogel Joint Pain Relief is composed of devil’s claw, a plant that works at different levels of the inflammatory process.  Researches show that devil’s claw effect on inflammation is equivalent to any conventional anti-inflammatory without the side effects.  It is highly effective for rheumatoid arthritis since in the long term, it helps balance the immune reactions.  Some conventional anti-inflammatory medications can irritate the stomach and damage the kidneys.  Thanks to its detoxifying effect (essential in the treatment of arthritis), devil’s claw is beneficial to both liver and kidneys.  It can be used short term or long term.


Absolüt Arnica gel is a topical arnica remedy, a very powerful anti-inflammatory.  Absolüt Arnica is a phytotherapeutic gel, not a homeopathic one; it thus contains a high concentration of Arnica.  This plant contains sesquiterpenes lactones that can stop the inflammatory process.  Absolüt Arnica also blocks the cartilage destruction process and soothes osteoarthritis pain. A comparative study between Absolüt Arnica gel and a topical Ibuprofen gel proved that Absolüt Arnica gel is just as effective.

To help reduce inflammation in the long run, it is important to nourish the adrenals.  These glands are responsible for the production of cortisol, the body’s own anti-inflammatory hormone.

Supplements help balance the body and repair some of the damage but to relieve arthritis and osteoarthritis pain, the right diet and putting an end to repetitive movements are essential. Good health begins with the right food.

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