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Factors that may trigger arthritic conditions



Some families may pass along the tendency for defective cartilage; others may pass along slight defects in the way joints fit together. The results of such defects may not show up until a person is middle-aged or older.

Excess Weight

Research has shown that for women, losing as little as 10 pounds (approx. 5 kg) in middle-age can help prevent osteoarthritis in the knees.


Your risk of developing arthritic conditions can increase if you had injuries to the joints from accidents or from repeated use through activities like sports or work.


Emotional trauma and even physical or emotional stress may have a significant impact in developing fibromyalgia.


Certain seafoods, liver and beverages like coffee and tea may contribute to the incidence of gout.

There are four main types of arthritis:

These are all characterized by pain, stiffness and/or swelling around the joints or muscles.

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